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Stone Ridge Tomato

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  • Dense, marbled fleshy fruits.
  • Big bottomed shape.
  • Yellow shoulders with red bases when ripe.

Stone Ridge Tomato Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum
Curvaceous and Solanaceous
Art Pack, 25 seeds
Product ID# TO0335A , Grown in the Northeast

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Detailed Product Info

When Stone Ridge New York Hort Hunk Larry Fuscher donated tomato seeds to the Seed Library, we didn't know what we were in for. We grew out 100 plants to trial his family heirloom and found a wide range of tomato shapes, sizes, and coloring. Little did we know that when we asked for a written description of the tomato we would blush. "Mine have a rich, bulbous, deeply creased full bodied sensuosity," wrote Larry in the G-rated part of his email. "May her sexy hips live long and flurish." It's impossible to deny the salaciousness of tomatoes, especially these ample bottomed ones. Larry, and we, are particlular about keeping these tomatoes sexy, so if you find any that are, in his words, "pathetically acuminated" please don't save seed from those. Rather, help us preserve the fecundity of these fruits by selecting the wider, rounder, and more deeply lobed Stone Ridges, otherwise, you might be hearing from Larry.

Quick Facts
Days to Maturity 90 days from transplant
Planting Depth ¼ inch
Spacing in Row 18 to 24 inches
Spacing Between Rows 36 inches
Growing Instructions

Indeterminate. Start indoors 6-10 weeks before last frost. Transplant after all threat of frost has passed. Begin pruning and staking when plants reach 12-18" high. Can reach heights up to 8 feet. Requires full sun, moderate soil, and infrequent watering. Harvest when fruits begin to soften, when colored red with yellow-green shoulders.

About the Art and Artist
Josephine Bloodgood is an artist and curator living in New York’s Hudson Valley. She has exhibited paintings at galleries and small museums across the U.S.

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