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Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

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  • Art Pack by Elena Sceizek.
  • Hidden among the vines and leaves.
  • Pickish red and ready to eat.
  • Piles like cannonballs.
  • Smashing watermelons on a rinay day.
  • Drying seeds.
  • Compost happens.

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Citrullus lanatus

Sustainably Grown Seed

Ancient Fruit to Contemporary Heirloom

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How does a plant whose first recorded harvest was 5000 years ago endure the ages, surviving fickle palates, massive agricultural upheavals, various climate zones, and thousands of miles of trans-oceanic journeys? By being sweet. Watermelons are measurably sweeter than nearly any other fruit-bearing annual crop. And most people have a sweet tooth. This desire for sugar has brought the watermelon to places very different from its sub-Saharan roots. Glen Drowns bred this variety in the 1970s so that he could have an early-maturing watermelon in northern Idaho, a location which can experience cool, 35- to 45-degree nights at any time during the summer. Today, Blacktail Mountain, a highly flavored, sweet, icebox watermelon, has become a contemporary heirloom, an easy-to-grow high performer in northern locales that grows happily in warmer climates, too.

Quick Facts

Number of Seeds 30
Spacing in Row 18"
Spacing Between Rows 72"
Planting Depth ½"
Days to Maturity 80

How to Grow

Direct sow 2 weeks after threat of frost has passed, or start indoors 1-2 weeks before last frost. Plant in full sun, and mulch in between the plants if possible. Watermelons enjoy hot temperatures and need only moderate water to set fruit. In fact, fruit are sweetest in dry seasons. Harvest when ripe to eat immediately, or when not quite ripe for storing up to 2 months.

About the Artist

Elena Sniezek lives and plays in the Hudson River Valley. She creates paintings on paper by immersing dry pigments in water. Her work evokes the natural processes of circulation, growth, and transformation.

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