Call for Pack Artists 2013

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We’re excited to be able to work with new artists again for next year! Please follow the guidelines to make sure your submission is accepted.

Pack Artists: To see examples of past selected artists and mediums look at our Art Packs and Fine Art Prints.

Mediums: All mediums are accepted except still life photography. We are always looking for a diversity of mediums including but not limited to watercolor, oil, collage, quilting, carving, assemblage, stained glass, etching, handmade paper, seed mosaic, plant material collage, wood burning, metal work, clothing, and functional pottery. Photographic images may be used if they are an element (less than 50%) of the work.

Geographic home: For this call for art we are focusing on artists in the Northeast and those with connections to the Northeast culturally, emotionally, or climatically. (We're open to your interpretation of what that means!) If you are outside of the region keep an eye out for upcoming national calls for art.

Submissions: Submit two images of pieces that you feel best represent your style. These do not need to be garden related. We are looking at your work- originality, craftsmanship, composition, medium, consistency, not necessarily the subject.

Questions: Due to the number of submissions, we do not have time to respond individually to questions. Please do your best to follow our submission guidelines. We've made them as simple as possible. If you have any technical issues with using the Submission Form (below) please send an email here. Semifinalists will be contacted in mid-March. Sketches will be due mid-April. Final pieces will be due end of May.

The winning artists receive: An Art Pack featuring your work, $200, 10 Art Packs from the 2014 collection, a percentage of sales of your fine art print, inclusion in the 2014 pack art gallery show, exposure in shops, blogs, press (past press includes NY Times, HuffPo, A Way to Garden, ReadyMade, DailyCandy, Civil Eats, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue more...)  your name on the pack, link on, seedy satisfaction, and green garden love.

Thank you for offering your creativity to the Seed Library!


11 thoughts on “Call for Pack Artists 2013”

  • Christine

    I met you at the Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, Ca. last September. I have been looking forward to applying to be an Art Pack Artist ever since. I am so bummed that you are now limiting this to your geographical location. :-(

  • Ken

    Christine, Good to hear from you. Actually, we've expanded the geographical area for our artists this year. The first year was just the Hudson Valley, the second year was New York State, each year since then we've added a few more states and last year we included the entire Northeast. This year I've added "...and those with connections to the Northeast culturally, emotionally, or climatically." We're open to your interpretation of what that means! Please use the submission for to apply and make sure to remind me that we met at the National Heirloom Expo. That's a great connection!

  • Lorain

    I live in the Northeast ... of the UK! Can I enter?

  • Cornelia Seckel

    A great idea. We will run this as an opportunity listing in the upcoming Spring issue of ART TIMES

  • Cornelia Seckel

    My gardening group has already ordered seeds. We will run this as an opportunity listing in the upcoming Spring issue of ART TIMES

  • Suzanne Fortin


    I applied probably 2 weeks ago to be part of your next group of artists to illustrate your seeds packages. I would like to let you know that I was born in Quebec and met my husband who is from New-York City in 1987.
    Since that year I am connected to the Hudson Valley. My parents in-law are from Andes, New-York and I go visit them at least 3 times a year with long stay during the summer. I finally became an americain citizen 3 years ago.

    Geographically my heart is half in New-York State and Quebec but beats in Virginia maybe 10 months a year.

    I am a compost manager( internship unpaid) at Tricycle Garden an urban farm in Richmond,VA, on wednesdays since August 28 2012. .

    The other days of the week i am working in my studio.

  • Richard Hecht
    Richard Hecht 02/28/2013 at 10:35 am

    I just submitted two pieces along with my application and am excited to be a part of Art Pack.
    thank you

  • Patty

    I saw the seed packs at the Philadelphia Flower Show this week and thought it was one of the most brilliant and wonderful marketing ideas ever! I have submitted work for this year's Art Pack and await your decisions!

  • Carlyn

    Loved the exhibit at the Philly Flower Show! I am pleased to have the opportunity to apply to your contest. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Beth Hoover

    I will submit work today. My connection is climatically. My interest has been native wildflowers, generally perrenials. At our local DCHistorical Society we have an 85x40 wooded plot. This has not been disturbed for at least 90 years. I took it on as a favorite volunteer project to make the area handicap accessable an to work it back to near original condition. The first year I counted and photographed 16 native plants.


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