On the Seed Farm

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  • Tomato Trellising Basics Tomato Trellising Basics

    Google 'trellising tomatoes,' and you'll be immersed into a world you didn't know existed. Here, we discuss the most popular options.

  • Efficient Weed Control Efficient Weed Control

    If there is one month of the season to make weed control a priority, it's June.

  • Spinach for Spring, Spinach for Summer Spinach for Spring, Spinach for Summer

    Fresh spinach from spring-sown seeds is now available in most home gardens.

  • The Golden Garden Window The Golden Garden Window

    Memorial Day weekend launches the period of the year when gardens go gangbusters.

  • Seeder's Digest Seeder's Digest

    Welcome to our update of timely tips to help you get from seed, to sprout, to harvest.

  • Welcome to the Hoophouse Welcome to the Hoophouse

    The world inside our hoophouse

  • What's In, What's Up What's In, What's Up

    If Mr. T was a gardener, (and maybe he is), right now his sage garden advice might go something like this, "I pity the fool who is fooled by the weather."

  • The Season of Resilience and Return The Season of Resilience and Return

    We're approaching mid-February, and the season of seed-starting is upon us.

  • Approaching Imbolc Approaching Imbolc

    Well, folks--we've made it! No, winter's not over yet...

  • Seed Season Seed Season

    We don't call it winter: to us it's Seed Season. Our 2010 Seed Catalog is now online!


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