Community Seed Saving Contest

I'm currently doing research for an article I'm writing about seed libraries, seed exchanges, and other kinds of community based seed saving efforts. I am absolutely amazed by how many new groups have formed in the past few years! It's inspiring to see a diversity of seed saving groups sprouting up all over the country. I'm hoping to find as many as possible to include in a side bar for the article, which will be running in a national magazine this fall. If you are part of a seed saving group or know of any, please spread the word for them to get in touch with us. Groups can also enter our photo contest, "How do you fit into the Seed Equation?"

Deadline is June 24th to be included in the article or enter the contest.

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  • Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine

    Great contest! I started "National Seed Swap Day" -- the last Saturday of January -- 7 years ago and whole two local (Maryland/DC and DC/Virginia) Seed Exchanges in celebration of it. I encourage others to celebrate the day in their local community too! Feel free to contact me for tips on holding a local seed swap.


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