Farm Intern Notes: First Seed Harvest, Mache

The Mache has gone has finally gone to seed - making up our first seed collection of the season.

DSC08934 It raced ahead from the start: coming up before any other green in snowy March...
DSC08941 then lost its juicy leaves...
DSC09089 to focus on flowering...
IMG_0916 and finally, a few weeks ago, shed its tiny white flowers to dry to a brittle brown, signalling that it was ripe for seed collecting.

We pulled out the entire plants, let them dry further in the hoop house and, last week, processed them to extract clean seeds.

IMG_0913 Here's Farmer Stu demonstrating complex seed processing technology (a house fan!).
mid-cleaning mid-cleaning
IMG_0924 All done!

One thought on “Farm Intern Notes: First Seed Harvest, Mache”

  • helene von rosenstiel
    helene von rosenstiel 07/10/2013 at 5:21 pm

    I was so delighted to see in pictures how to go about the seed harvesting, I never thought to pull the plant, seeds and all then let it continue drying. Do you ever put an old sheet under the second time of drying to catch seeds that fall before getting to the fan section? Do you hand rub the seeds out of the pods before subjecting to the fan? Thanks so much for offering this lovely visual sequence.


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