Crocus olivieri "Orange Monarch"

Unique orange jewels for early spring
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Quick Facts
Planting Depth 4"
Hardiness Zone Range 4-8
Sun conditions Full to Partial Sun
Bulbs per Square Foot 9
Bulb Spacing 3" to 4" apart
Naturalizes Yes
Height at Maturity 4"
Season of Bloom First Hint of Spring
Detailed Product Info

Strikingly beautiful snow crocus in a rare shade of golden-orange with dramatic garnet striations on the outside of the petals; similar to the colors of a Monarch butterfly. Gorgeous in a border or in an early spring lawn tapestry. Grows to be 4" tall. Deer-resistant.

Growing Instructions

Crocus do best in full sun to partial shade They require a well-drained soil. Water in well after planting, beyond that normal rainfall should be sufficient. Follow the recommended planting depth per variety. Bulbs should be kept cool until ready to plant; and planted in fall at least a month before the ground freezes.