Camassia quamash

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Camassia quamash

Lovely Lavender Spires
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Quick Facts
Planting Depth 5"
Hardiness Zone Range 4-8
Sun conditions Full to Partial Sun
Bulbs per Square Foot 9
Bulb Spacing 5"
Naturalizes Yes
Height at Maturity 15"
Season of Bloom Late Spring
Detailed Product Info

Commonly known as the Wild Hyacinth, Camassia is a sought after genus since it naturalizes well in a good spot, and blooms mid season, when many other bulbs are spent or have not yet begun. Large racemes, made up of dozens of lovely 2", lavender-blue, star shaped flowers, that open from bottom to top. Camassia is native to the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and thus is best grown in moist, fertile soil. Deer- and rodent-resistant.

Growing Instructions

Camassia is best grown in full sun to partial sunlight. Unlike most bulbs, it prefers soil that has a bit more moisture. Choose a spot that's either sunny and moist (but not underwater!), or partially shady. Tolerates neglect well. After planting, water in well; beyond that average rainfall should suffice for water. Follow variety instructions on planting depth.