Tulip "Hakuun"

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Tulip "Hakuun"

Glowing, snowy-white blossoms with strong stems
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Quick Facts
Planting Depth 6"
Hardiness Zone Range 3-8
Sun conditions Full to Partial Sun
Bulb Spacing 5" apart
Naturalizes Yes
Height at Maturity 22"
Season of Bloom Mid Spring
Detailed Product Info

A beautiful and unusual pure white tulip. Luminescent and striking to behold. Grows to about 22” tall Tulip Class: Darwin Hybrid

Growing Instructions

Tulips do best in full sun in northern areas, but will tolerate light shade in hotter areas. They require a well-drained soil, with an ideal pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Water in well after planting, beyond that normal rainfall should be sufficient for water. Tulip bulbs should be kept cool until ready to plant; and planted in fall at least a month before the ground freezes. Follow the recommended planting depth per variety.