Using the double wheel hoe with the plow set attachments to plant garlic!

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Deluxe Attachment Package

Bundle this deluxe package with either the standard or double wheel hoe.
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This package includes an assortment of the most useful Hoss wheel hoe attachments. Ships directly from manufacturer. Free shipping promotions cannot be applied to this product. This package includes: -Plow Set: Includes 1 each right plow and left plow. Use single plows to hill or dig on one side, use together to make furrows or bury. Great for planting garlic and potatoes! -Oscillating Hoe Kit: Includes the 12", 8" and 6" oscillating hoes for cultivation in pathways and between planting rows. -Cultivator Sweeps Set: Includes a set of sweeps, meant for shallow cultivation. Can be attached so the sweeps face outward or inward. Sweeps come with a factory edge and should be sharpened before use.