Lovers Lane Lilliputian Landscape Greeting Card

Lovers Lane Lilliputian Landscape Greeting Card

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Fine Art Photography by Judy Robinson-Cox. Judy Robinson-Cox creates and photographs temporary tabletop dioramas that capture humorous human events and the inner workings of the mind. Lilliputian Landscapes are photographs of dioramas that she constructs with common objects found around her house. By placing tiny plastic figures in the setting, the scene is transformed into a larger reality—cauliflower becomes a snow covered hill, a peony becomes a dance floor. The images invite the viewer to question what is real or imagined and to closely observe the beauty of larger than life natural and man made objects. Each photo is created entirely in front of the camera without digital manipulation. This photograph depicts a pair of little lovers taking a stroll through the most romantic area of the garden. One blank greeting card with envelope in plastic sleeve.

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