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William Woys Weaver's Roughwood Seed Collection

Extremely rare varieties from a master Seed Steward

William Woys Weaver of the Roughwood Seed Collection
William Woys Weaver of the Roughwood Seed Collection

This priceless collection, housed in Pennsylvania, comprises about 4,000 varieties of heirloom food plants that H. Ralph Weaver, William Woys Weaver's grandfather, began collecting in the 1930s. William has continued his grandfather's legacy, adding many rare varieties to the collection. We are thrilled to share a distinct collection of never-before-available varieties with you this year!

We've honored one of the seminal contributors to the collection with an Art Pack: Pippin's Golden Honey Pepper. Horace Pippin was a well-known folk artist who traded many unique pepper seeds with Weaver's grandfather. In exchange, H. Ralph Weaver provided Pippin with healing bee-sting therapy.