Sow What

It's June! Keep on Sowing!

The work you do in June can lead to abundance far into the season. First, you can still be transplanting main season crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Second, you can keep your successions going once quick spring crops like radishes come out of the ground. Third, you can start planning for fall! Now is a great time to plan for Brussels Sprouts and cabbages. In a few weeks, you can start successions of kale, chard, & collards for fall harvests.


We've entered late spring! To harvest abundance all season, keep on sowing. You can keep seeding behind quick varieties, sow more cucumbers, summer squash, & beans,  and plan for your fall garden.

Sow Edible Flowers!

Edible flowers add flavor, color, and above all else, a sense of delight from your garden harvests. After all, you can have your flowers and eat them too!

Sow Lettuce!

Start lettuce transplants ahead to get

Sow Kale and Chard!

Nothing beats the first lush bunches of fresh leafy greens from the garden in the spring. Start them now for your first harvests in May.

Sow Asian Greens!

Quick. easy and nutritious! Start indoors and transplant as soon as the soil can be worked, then follow with a direct seeding for a continuous harvest this spring.

Tools of the Garden Trade

We've got the best seeds to sow, and now some of the best tools to keep your plants happy, from start to finish!