All Stars Kale Mix Art Pack

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Organic All Stars Kale Mix Seeds

Brassica napus with some B. rapa present
Mix of Russian and Siberian kales in shades of green and red. Direct sow or start early.
Art Pack, 100 seeds
Product ID# , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC , Grown in the Northeast

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Detailed Product Info

A delight to all who see it, we first obtained seeds from this diverse variety from the Seed Ambassadors Project. It sounded like a seed saver's dream, a wide array of Russian kale varieties that plant breeder Tim Peters collected through years of work and allowed to cross pollinate with each other. Our grow out produced more than we expected: Rich purples and greens, shape ranging from ultra-frilly to virtually frill-free and ovular, loads of high shine leaves, most resembling Russian kales, but some that appear to be Brassica rapa, perhaps lending credibility to the theory that Brassica rapa is one of the original parents of the Brassica napus crops.

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 3-7 days
Days to Maturity 70 days
Planting Depth 1/2"
Spacing in Row 18"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 24 inches
Width at Maturity 24 inches
Growing Instructions

A diverse mix of Russian Kale varieties, from frilly to smooth, round to ruffled, red to green, and matte to glossy. Start indoors anytime spring through late summer. Transplant when plants have 2 sets of true leaves. Harvest 1-3 outer leaves from each one once per week to keep them productive all season.

About the Art and Artist
Artwork by Marcie Long. The words of Black Elk "man is a relative of all that is," resonate throughout my work. I try to find the essence or power in each subject: vegetables, flowers, birds, or cultural portraits and landscapes. In 2001 my 25 years in graphic design transformed into a professional career as artist and photographer. I started a serious study of plein air painting. I joined the San Francisco Artists Guild in 2007 and showed my work in the best outdoor venues in California: Union Square, GGP's Music Concourse, Huntington Park. I shoot food photography for Pamela's Products. A painter since a child; I am self-taught, taking courses and workshops often. Bright colors and biologically correct details are one hallmark of my paintings but I think more surprising are the energy or lethargy you might find in paintings of tomatoes or peppers. My last three vegetable paintings have taken the not quite still life paintings, of popping peppers or falling stacks of tomatoes, and increased the energy in the depiction to correlate with the energy in the veggie itself.

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