Call for Seed Pack Artists

Deadline for submissions is March 29th.

We’re excited to be able to work with new artists again for next year! Please follow the guidelines to make sure your submission is accepted. You will receive a confirmation email but we can't review your submission for missing information, file size etc.

Detail from Cal Patch's embroidered apron

Mediums: All mediums are accepted. We are always looking for new mediums that have not yet been part of the collection including but not limited to quilting, carving, assemblage, stained glass, etching, handmade paper, seed mosaic, plant material collage, wood burning, metal work, clothing, functional pottery. Still life photography is the only medium we will not consider however photographic images may be used as an element of the work.

Geographic home: This year we are also expanding our geographic range and accepting artwork from artists all over the Northeast including NY, CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, PA, NJ, and ME. (If you are outside of the northeast keep an eye out for our next call for art for Art of the Heirloom at the National Heirloom Expo.)

Submissions: Submit two images of pieces that you feel best represent your style. These do not need to be garden related. We are looking at your work- originality, craftsmanship, composition, medium, consistency, not necessarily the subject.

Submission checklist:

Name, Address, Phone, Email
Short bio and resume
Link to website (if you have one)
2 images 300dpi, no bigger please.

Email submission here.

NOTE: Your subject line must read “Art Pack Submission 2012” We get too many emails to find them all if they have different subject lines. Emails with the correct subject line will be filtered into the correct folder. Emails with subject lines other than “Art Pack Submission 2012” may be missed.

Also, we do not have time to respond individually to questions. Please do your best to follow our submission guidelines. We've made them as simple as possible. If you don’t have a website or resume, don’t worry, we will consider anyone who submits images. Semifinalists will be contacted beginning of April. Sketches will be due Mid April. Final pieces will be due in June.

The winning artists receive: Your own Art Pack, $100, 10 Art Packs from the 2013 collection, a percentage of sales of your fine art print, inclusion in the 2013 pack art gallery show, great exposure in homes, shops, blogs, press (past press includes NY Times, HuffPo, A Way to Garden, ReadyMade, DailyCandy, Civil Eats, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue more...)  your name on the pack, link on, seedy satisfaction, and green garden love.

Thank you for offering your creativity to the Seed Library!

9 thoughts on “Call for Seed Pack Artists”

  • Sandy Riley Pyne
    Sandy Riley Pyne 04/19/2011 at 12:43 pm

    Is Rhode Island too far away? I have purchased your seeds in the past and would love to be able to submit artwork for your packet covers. I work primarily now in textiles - batik and creative dye application.

  • Laura Gurton

    The images I have sent are 300dpi but I am not sure of how many pixels you want. Please let me know if you need to see the images larger. Thanks, Laura

  • Jean Haines

    After artwork is chosen from the initial submission (not necessarily garden related) to illustrate a seed pack, then is each winning artist assigned a plant to illustrate, or do the artists choose a plant of their preference? I have ideas for something floral, but not sure I could be as creative with something vegetable.

  • Virginia Fitch

    Is original art chosen for seed packet returned to artist?

  • Joanne DeWald
    Joanne DeWald 03/28/2012 at 2:48 pm

    did everyone receive their confirmation email right away? i submitted my photos hours ago and i didn't get a confirmation email.

  • Mary Goggin
    Mary Goggin 03/29/2012 at 7:46 am

    Do you need the original piece? I have a couple of images I'd like to send via email - but the piece is no longer with me.

  • Lorraine Bromley
    Lorraine Bromley 04/25/2012 at 4:06 am

    Have the artists been chosen yet for seed packet art? How do you find out who was selected? Will there be a list online? Thank you.

  • lisa


    When is the deadline for the upcoming year 2013 for the entries for the seed packet contest? BTW fox cherry tomatoe is fabulous here in southern NJ!

    • ken


      Thanks for your interest. The deadline was March 29th. However, there is still time to enter the call for art for the National heirloom Expo:


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