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  • The Story of a Seed: Long Island Cheese Pumpkin The Story of a Seed: Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

    How this pumpkin was rescued from almost-extinction.

  • Garden Activities for August Garden Activities for August

    A month of bountiful harvests, seed saving opportunities, and the last chance for diverse sowing opportunities. Here are the garden tasks we keep in mind this month.

  • The Joy of Saving Seeds The Joy of Saving Seeds

    Think of seeds as a second crop—one that will become years of bountiful harvests. August is the peak of the seed-saving season and in its honor, we have curated our top blog posts to accompany you on your seed saving adventure.

  • How long do seeds last? How long do seeds last?

    What seeds can you save and how long do they last are some of our favorite seedy questions. We love to see other folks embarking on their own seed saving adventures. We give you the basics and a seed saving story that's particularly close to our hearts.

  • Native American Seed Sanctuary Native American Seed Sanctuary

    Tsi Rontenenhanonhnha: Where They Protect the Seeds

  • Farm Minute Video: Replanting Onions for Seed Farm Minute Video: Replanting Onions for Seed

    Clear Dawn Onions being replanted for seed.

  • Seedy Eats: Winter Squash Seedy Eats: Winter Squash

    Seed saving and holiday cooking season converge with winter squash! Plus, our fav pumpkin pie recipe this season.

  • Declaration on Seed Freedom Declaration on Seed Freedom

    Vandana Shiva visits the Hudson Valley.

  • Farm Minute: Getting Wet Farm Minute: Getting Wet

    Saving Seeds from Paul Robeson Tomatoes

  • Seedwise: Full Circle Gardening Seedwise: Full Circle Gardening

    New Year's Day in July Seed Sale plus Farm Minute Video of "Popbees!"

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