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  • How long do seeds last? How long do seeds last?

    What seeds can you save and how long do they last are some of our favorite seedy questions. We love to see other folks embarking on their own seed saving adventures. We give you the basics and a seed saving story that's particularly close to our hearts.

  • How to Craft a Spring Seed Starting Calendar How to Craft a Spring Seed Starting Calendar

    Part of garden planning is knowing when to plant.

  • Sow in the Snow Sow in the Snow

    Did you know you can sow in the snow? Find out how!

  • What's inside a Seed? What's inside a Seed?

    An anatomy lesson about tiny dry bodies that turn into plants.

  • Seed Library Timeline Seed Library Timeline

    Seed libraries sprouting up all over.

  • Seed's Eye View Two Seed's Eye View Two

    Our visit to Seed Saver's Exchange and Home Garden Seed Saving Tips

  • Seed Drive Donation Nominations Seed Drive Donation Nominations

    Want to nominate a school to receive free seed donations? Add a comment to this post!


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