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  • Garden Activities for August Garden Activities for August

    A month of bountiful harvests, seed saving opportunities, and the last chance for diverse sowing opportunities. Here are the garden tasks we keep in mind this month.

  • 6 Tips for Summer Weeding 6 Tips for Summer Weeding

    Learn why June is the month for weeding and 6 tips for cultivating efficiently and successfully!

  • Tips for Everyday Summer Weeding Tips for Everyday Summer Weeding

    Pull when wet, hoe when dry, eat when hungry.

  • Weeds: Appreciation and Eradication Weeds: Appreciation and Eradication

    Weeds don't need us. Wet or dry, chewed up by hungry bugs, finding nothing but poor soil, they manage to thrive

  • Efficient Weed Control Efficient Weed Control

    If there is one month of the season to make weed control a priority, it's June.

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