2011: Year of the Seed

by Ken Greene

Thank you all for helping make this an amazing year of growth for the Seed Library. Good folks like Kerry Truman, Margaret Roach, Joy Wang, and Paula Crossfield helped get the word out in a big way while caring gardeners like you chose to start your seed shopping with our farm-based, independent seed catalog.

The reason we are able to continue farming heirloom seeds and offering them to you is becasue of your support. We just squeaked by with the number of seed packs we sold last year. For the Seed Library to grow and continue next season, we need to sell close to twice as many seeds this year as last.

We're grateful for the many hands that make the Seed Library possible. We're grateful for the many hands that make the Seed Library possible.

Here are some ways you can help the Seed Library to continue our mission to get regional seed back into the hands of caring gardeners and preserve, develop, and celebrate open-pollinated seeds.

1. Tell your friends! You can do this face-to-face the old fashioned way or use your social networking savvy to invite your friends to "like" the Seed Library on Facebook.

2. Give the gift of seeds. Gift Memberships are a great way to introduce new people to the Seed Library.

3. Start with the Seed Library. We know it's more focused than other large catalogs and our goal is to remain small and sustainable. So, check out our catalog first, get what you can from us, and then move on to some of the bigger (and hopefully responsible) catalogs. We like Turtle Tree, FEDCO, Seeds Trust, and High Mowing (to name a few).

4. Get your self one of our t-shirts. Both Blightee and NYTee are fun ways to show you're a gardener and that you support the Seed Library.

5. Check out our Gardenwares Gift Shop. We're now offering artwork and tools are on the way. We've met many folks who love what we're doing but don't garden. The gift show diversifies our offering and gives everyone a way to help keep the Seed Library going.

6. Get creative. Our Art Packs make great gifts for birthdays and other holidays. They've also been used as party favors, corporate gifts, wedding decorations, and we offer a green$eeds fundrasing program for school gardens and non-profits.

7. If you have a favorite gift shop, nursery, or garden store, let them know about our Art Packs. We have a wholesale program for retail shops.

Thank you!