2017 Seed Catalog: What's New

by Erin Enouen

Bring on the new! 2017 marks the beginning of great new improvements to our seed catalog, website and company. We have a new logo, to 30+ new varieties, new volume discounts, plus some exciting news about regional programs to share!

New Name and Logo

square-logoWe've come a long way since the early days, and this year's catalog marks a special occasion: Its the first year of our new logo and updated name!

Our new name and logo reflect our commitment to being a full fledged seed company--one that values organic production, responsible seed stewardship, and the art and culture of seed. Our public service elements aren't going anywhere: Ken will continue our education and advocacy efforts with a new non-profit. Stay tuned for our big announcement about this work coming soon!

Our new logo, pictured on the left and now making its way onto all our seed packs, alludes to both the wonderful art that is on our packaging and to the Enso, the Zen ink circle (or  "Circle of Togetherness"), which reminds us that seeds and agriculture bind us all together.

New Varieties: Heirloom, Open-Pollinated and Organic

new-varieties-email-imageWe've been stewarding seeds for 13 years now! All our seeds are grown on our organic farm or sourced from responsible producers. This year's new additions are no exception, in fact, they are the rule! We are pleased to work with new farm partners and new regional growers to add some really stellar varieties to our catalog.

Returning Varieties: These are wonderful varieties that we've had a supply issue with for one reason or another, usually, seed production or sourcing. This year, we've brought Upstate Oxheart, Ideal Market Green Bean, and Ancho Peppers back to our catalog!

New, Rare Varieties: This season we worked with regional seed stewards to increase our catalog offerings. We added more wonderful varieties from the Roughwood Seed Collection, including the staff favorite Grandpa's Rose Wax Tomato. We also started working with seed grower and farmer Zach Pickens of Farm Tournant and Roof Top Ready Seeds to bring a number of his unique varieties to our catalog. Through Farm Tournant, Zach cultivates rare, sought-after varieties for the New York City chefs he works with. One stand out is Cesare's Canestrino di Lucca Tomato, a truly unique sauce variety from Lucca, Italy.

New Favorites: Through our ongoing trials, we scope out the varieties that are sought after by customers, farmers, & chefs. Some of these varieties are classic heirlooms, others are new varieties that have recently made it on the market. In 2016 we asked our customers to help us out with these varieties trials, and through your feedback and our own experience, we added Garnet Stem Dandelion, an Italian chicory bred for its substantial, bitter leafy greens to our catalog, as well as Siber Frills Kale, a hyper frilly, cold hardy variety bred by Jonathon Spero of Lupine Knoll Farm.

These are just a sampling of the 30+ varieties we've added this year! Click here to see them all >>>

New Seed Pack Designs


We offer our seed packs in four pack types: Art, Garden, Homestead and Farm. In our catalog, these are indicated with the letters A, G, H, and F, respectively. On our website, which has the most up-to-date inventory, each variety listing has a drop down menu of the different pack sizes available and the seed counts of each.

Our art packs are intricately designed with art, cultural information, planting instructions and planting charts, a true wealth of information for each variety they enclose! This season, we improved the design of our garden, homestead, and farm packs to include full color variety photos and detailed planting instructions written specifically for each variety. Now, the wealth of information needed to be successful with seeds is at your fingertips!


New News: Kitchen Cultivars

We're excited about the success of our pioneering partnership with Glynwood that led to Peg Lotvin's humble Hank's X-Tra Special Baking Bean appearing in the New Yorker last year! Now known as Kitchen Cultivars, this project unites regional farmers and chefs in the protection, promotion, and proliferation of rare varieties--and highlights the role that chefs, home cooks, and eater have as seed stewards.

Kitchen Cultivars varieties are regionally produced, and all available in artist designed seed packs.

hanks-xtra-special-beanHanks Xtra Special Baking Bean: This bean really is special. It started the Hudson Valley Seed Library, kicked off Kitchen Cultivars, was added to the Slow Food Ark of Taste, and found fame in the pages of the New Yorker Magazine!




Long Island Cheese Pumpkin:  A delicious Thanksgiving pie or soup pumpkin that was almost lost forever. Our seeds are from the original strain. A percentage of our seed sales support the Long Island Regional Seed Consortium.




Bridge to Paris Pepper: A unique horn-shaped bridge-to-paris-peppersweet pepper that is now beloved by farmers and gardeners all over the country. We helped hybridized the parent of this variety.






New! Automatic Volume Discounts


All orders over $50 receive an automatic discount. Orders $50-$100 receive a 5% discount; $100.01-$200, an 8% discount; Order totals greater than $200 receive an 10% discount.

New Print Catalog Only January Special!

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