Annual Community Seed Return

by Ken Greene

ppp 10 pods 72 seedsPeas porridge hot, Pease porridge cold. Pease porridge in the pot…9 days old!

So, if you resisted the urge to eat your Purple Podded Peas fresh off the vine, then you probably discovered that the pods dried right on the vine and now you have a pile of gray/green and somewhat speckled dry peas.

Good for you! That's what these little peas are meant for- storage for long winters and long sea voyages. You've got a protein packed food that's ready when you are plus seeds to plant next season, and seeds to send back to the Seed Library.

As for cooking, treat them like dry beans or chick peas. Soak overnight and then cook them in water or broth using your favorite pea soup recipe.

So count your peas, and your blessings, that you can provide nutritious food for yourself, your family, and, hopefully, for other folks in need.


How to return saved seed to the library:

Send us a minimum of the same number of seeds you received with your membership, but double is what we aim for.

Mail in a padded mailer (so they don't get crushed by the hungry USPS machines) to:

Hudson Valley Seed Library
484 Mettacahonts Rd
Accord, NY 12404

What happens to returned seeds?

1. We store a small percentage to keep this Community Seed variety alive.

2. We send out free seeds to garden groups, school gardens, and individual gardeners in need of free seeds.