Call for Pack Artists 2011-2012

by Ken Greene

Deadline April 29th 2011

We’re excited to be able to work with new artists again for next year! Please follow the guidelines to make sure your submission is accepted.

Mediums: All mediums are accepted except photography. We are always looking for new mediums that have not yet been part of the collection including but not limited to quilting, carving, assemblage, stained glass, etching, handmade paper, seed mosaic, plant material collage, wood burning, metal work, clothing, functional pottery.

Geographic home: This year we are also expanding our geographic range and accepting artwork from artists in New York State, Hudson Valley, Metro NY, and areas that border New York State including western CT, western MA, western VT, eastern PA, and northern NJ.

Submissions:Submit two images of pieces that you feel best represent your style. These do not need to be garden related. We are looking at your work- originality, craftsmanship, composition, medium, consistency, not necessarily the subject.

Detail of Borage embroidery by Donna Sharrett

Submission checklist:

Name, Address, Phone, Email
Short bio and resume
Link to website (if you have one)
2 images 300dpi, no bigger.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for plant category: Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs.

Send submission to

NOTE: Your subject line must read “Art Pack Submission 2012” We get too many emails to find them all if they have different subject lines. Emails with the correct subject line will be filtered into the correct folder. Emails with subject lines other than “Art Pack Submission 2012” may be missed.

Also, we do not have time to respond individually to emails or questions. Please do your best to follow the submission guidelines. If you don’t have a website or resume, don’t worry, we will consider anyone who submits images. Semifinalists will be contacted beginning of May.

Thank you for offering your creativity to the Seed Library!