Calls for Artists

by Ken Greene

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Panther Edamame in progress in Jessica Pollak's studio.

We view artists as cultural seed savers—choosing what seed stories to pass on to future generations. To us, the "culture" in agriculture and horticulture is just as important as the "agri" and "hort": the seeds, plants, and growing practices. Artists reflect and create culture. The powerful and compelling stories that our artist tell  help the Seed Library communicate the diverse stories that have come together to create each garden.

We're proud to show off our artists and get them as much exposure as we can. Our Art of the Heirloom Exhibition is traveling to more venues than ever before, including the Horticultural Society of New  York, the Corcoran Gallery in DC,  and the Philadelphia Flower Show. Our artful seeds are being sold in museums and galleries all over the country including the National Gallery in DC, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Cloisters in New York.

This year we're expanding our connections to the arts by having a different call for art every month! We'll be seeking new artists for our Art Packs as well as new projects including interactive Seed Sculptures that will be part of an event with the New Museum, a T-shirt contest for our new tee's, and illustration contests for individual varieties that will be featured on

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