Civil Eats

by Ken Greene

Saving Tomato SeedsCivil Eats is one of the blogs I rely on for important food news and inspiring farmy posts.

Their community of contributing writers promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities. Their efforts support the development of a dialog among local and national leaders about the American food system, and its effects abroad. Civil Eats can be humorous, serious, academic, philosophical, conversational – its style of conversation is as diverse as its 40+ contributors – but it is always thought provoking, innovative, and focused on food politics. The articles on Civil Eats keep me informed, inspired, and focused on the ideals of the Seed Library.

One of the managing editors of Civil Eats, Paula Crossfield, (who is growing a beautiful roof top garden with some of our seeds), is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post’s Green Page and is a contributing producer at The Leonard Lopate Show on New York Public Radio where she focuses on food issues. For some time now, Paula has been encouraging me to write for Civil Eats. I finally found the time to sit still and put down some of my seedy thoughts. I'm honored to have her post my article on Civil Eats. It's called Practicing Seedy Politics. Please check it out and take some time to page through the diversity of great articles on Civil Eats.