Fall Vegetable Seedling Sale

by Erin Enouen

row cover fall

July 20th 11-3:00 Fall Seedling Sale & Extending the Harvest Demos with Erin, Doug, Ken, Blake and special guest Margaret Roach (Click here to read or listen to Margaret's podcast with Ken on succession sowing.)

Come join us at our Local Flavor Farm Store for:

Hands-on demonstrations using hoops and row cover and direct sowing and transplanting for fall.

Chat in person with Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden at her book signing and "How-To and Woo-Woo" table.

Buy fall seedlings, hoops, row cover, and edibles from the Hudson Valley Seed Library and Catskill Native Nursery.

By the time you go back to your garden you'll be set for fall (and winter) harvests!

margaret crouching-in-garden Crouching Gardener, Hidden Weeds

Seedling Sale Fall 2012 2 (800x600)We will have:

3 varieties of broccoli

3 varieties of kale


green and rainbow chard


Asian greens




plus lots of direct-sow seeds that can be sown from July-August!



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