Gone Out to Pasture

by Ken Greene

Calico Popcorn by Jacinta Bunnell

Every year, after the difficult and exciting process of selecting new artists is over, an even more difficult decision needs to be made: which Art Packs to retire. It's not that we get tired of them. We all have special places in our hearts for each of the works of art. The problem is that we can't afford to reprint all of the old packs and print all of the new ones. We've been resisting discontinuing any of the older packs, but this year it just can't be avoided. We'll be retiring ten Art Packs to make room for the new artists and new varieties. The seeds will still be available, but not with their cool pack.

Since we are currently offering 50% off all seeds for the month of July (checkout code 5050JULY), we thought we'd let you know which packs will be turned out to pasture (a.k.a. not reprinted) just in case you want to get them before they are gone.

The following packs will be lovingly let go of when they sell out:

Calico Popcorn
Fox Cherry Tomato
New England Pie Pumpkin
Provider Green Bean
Ruby Queen Beet
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Sweet Salad Pepper
Sunflower Surprise