Green Jobs: Help the Seed Library Grow!

by Ken Greene

Full-Time and Part-time Openings at the Seed Library

Yes! Despite the economic trends, we're creating truly green jobs here at the Seed Library.

Right now we have one full-time and a few part-time positions available. If you are looking for work, or know someone in the area of Accord, New York, who is, please read the job descriptions below and get in touch with us here.

005Current available positions:

1. Operations Manager

2. Packers and Pullers

Operations Manager

Full Time. Year Round. 5 days per week.

One position starting Mid October.

Main Tasks:

Supervise Packers and Pullers including quality control. Organize and ship orders. Track and maintain seed inventory. Perform Data Entry. Pack seeds and pull orders when necessary. Order supplies. Maintain office equipment. Be willing to assist with seed harvesting and processing in summer and fall.


The Operations Manager needs to be detail oriented, able to multi-task, and feel comfortable supervising others. There are many small parts that make the office run smoothly and this job requires keeping an eye on the big picture while maintaining all the pieces. The job requires familiarity with email, computers, and printers. We would like to have an orderly and efficient office environment that is still a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.


Send short resume along with two references (one personal, one job). Please let us know when you could start.

Packers/Pullers (and Pickers)

Part Time. September-May (possibly longer) 2 or 3 days per week.

Two positions starting September 12th, one position starting October 3rd.

Main Tasks:

Pack seeds, pull orders, ship orders, organize inventory, minimal data entry.


Packers and pullers need to be detail oriented and have the ability to be accurate, efficient, and quick with repetitive tasks like folding, applying stickers, counting small seeds, and filling seed packs. Ideally, applicants should be able to do all this while listening to an eclectic mix of music, engaging in light conversation, or just sitting quietly. Packing and pulling need to happen here at the Seed Library in Accord, New York, so the more local you are the better. Comfort with computers and data entry are important. Ability to lift heavy bags of seeds  up to 50 pounds is occasionally required. Keeping a consistent schedule is important and willingness to help out on the farm now and then is a plus.


Send short resume along with two references (one personal, one job). Please list all days of the week you would be available, your preference for a two-day or three-day schedule, and when you could start (September or October).