by Ken Greene

Green$eeds Green$eeds


Money may not grow on trees, but it can grow from seeds!


We love supporting organizations that are doing important work for their communities. In the name of seeds, and the cooperative effort it takes to have healthy local food from seed to seed and farm to plate, we are offering Green$eeds.

Green$eeds is our way of growing money for community organizations. We’ve always been interested in finding ways to support all the parts of a sustainable and resilient local economy. We commission artwork from local artists for our seed packs, contract with local farms to grow seed for our catalog, and teach workshops all over the Northeast. Green$eeds expands our commitment to building community and makes your seed money count. When you choose seeds from our catalog, you know that the seeds you are going to grow in your garden not only support a local farm instead of a multinational corporation, but that you are supporting sustainable growth within your own community.

We’re offering this fundraising program for the months of February-May for those interested in working with the Hudson Valley Seed Library to raise funds for their community organization. To be eligible groups must be community based organizations in the Hudson Valley, Capital District, or Metro New York such as a school, library, garden club, or community garden. Groups should be growing green in some way and show a commitment to developing sustainable practices within their communities.

Our goal with Green$eeds is to keep the initial investment to a minimum and give organizations a long period of time to sell seeds and the chance to reach more people. The participating group publicizes the fundraiser and their patrons are able to go directly to our website to buy their seeds. For each purchase, we donate 25% of each sale back to the organization. Groups can spread the word using the by email, mail, social networking, posters, and other advertising.

For groups who would like more materials to work with, organizations can  purchase a group Seed Library membership for $40. This includes 10 Garden/Library Packs, 16 Art Packs, and a reproducible order form. Your group can still use the online program but can also take orders directly using the form. For each pre-order using the form, we donate 40% of each sale back to the organization.

Registration starts now. There are limited supplies for these programs. We will try to accommodate everyone, but depending on the response we will accept groups on a first come first serve basis.

We hope that Green$eeds will help many of the great groups and organizations in the Hudson Valley that are working to strengthen community and provide important services. Of course, even if you are not part of an organization, you can buy seeds from our catalog or become a member of the Seed Library and know that you are helping to create truly sustainable foodshed in the Hudson Valley.

It takes a (seedy) village!

For more information or to sign up email us. Please put Green$eeds and the name of your organization as the subject line in your email. Thanks!