Holiday Greetings, and a Catalog Update

by Doug Muller

Greetings from a snowy winter world. While here in Accord we missed much of the Nor'easter that buried the coastal cities in snow, we did get a good six inches and are enjoying the brightness of the landscape during this dark time of year. Hope that you're enjoying this special season, too, wherever you are.

Did you receive our seeds as a gift this season? A Gift Membership, perhaps? If so, please feel free to explore our site and learn what we are all about. Our full 2011 catalog will be up and available at the start of January (by Monday the 3rd at the latest).

Collard greens sweetened by the snow. Collard greens sweetened by the snow.

We're working hard this week to improve the shopping experience on our site: some often-requested features (such as a quick order page, easier browsing of all the varieties within a category, and easier access to older blog content) will finally become reality, and there will be more photos and instructional content. We're excited to make these improvements, and we hope you'll enjoy them!

In the meantime, savor this holiday time: celebrate the turning over of the calendar, the soon-to-be-noticeable lengthening of days, and the beauty of imminent deep winter quiet. We'll be fully updated in about a week, and look forward--as ever--to walking with all of you on the great march into spring.