Job Posting: Seed Packer/Fullfilment Associate

by Erin Enouen

The Hudson Valley Seed Library is seeking a full-time Seed Packer/Fulfillment Associate.

Job duties include: stocking and organizing our mini-warehouse; packing seeds (including operating small-scale seed-packing machinery); printing and affixing labels on seed packs and other products; pulling, packaging, and shipping retail and wholesale orders; performing germination tests on seed lots; and helping with various physical and organizing tasks as necessary.

Job Requirements: The most important skills for this job are versatility, friendliness, earnestness, and a sense of humor. You must be detail-oriented and able to lift 50 pounds with no problem. You must enjoy the challenge of taking on repetitive manual work with care, speed, and a desire to get it just right every time. The ability to switch tasks mid-stream or from day-to-day as needed is important. Experience with shipping (especially USPS) is a plus, as is basic knowledge of gardening.

Schedule: Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. This is a year-round position. Must be 100% available (no vacations or other commitments) from February 15th to April 15th every year. Candidates with shorter commutes are preferred, as our busiest season coincides with the time of year when the snow and ice can interfere with travel. (We're based on a farm on a side road that is not as well-maintained in the winter as the state and county highways.) Ideal start date is September 4th or 5th, 2014.

trial share (800x600)Compensation: Pay is $12 per hour to start, with the possibility of a raise within six months. Health insurance available; employer pays 50%. Two weeks paid time off per year (accrues steadily and can be used however you like outside of the above-mentioned period). From May through November, you're entitled to a share of the vegetables produced in our trial gardens where we grow varieties for evaluation and photographs.

TO APPLY: Please email resume and brief introductory note to

About Us: The Hudson Valley Seed Library is a small green business in Accord, New York, devoted to celebrating and stewarding heirloom and open-pollinated organic seeds. Our customers are mainly home gardeners and the retail stores that serve them, as well as small-scale organic farmers. We're entering our seventh year as a small seed company. We're currently best known for our line of Art Packs--uniquely folding seed packs that are each designed by a different artist. Our office comprises six to eight people (it varies seasonally). The big news for 2014-2015 is that we're moving into a new, super-efficient and comfortable workspace. Our team is passionate about organic gardening, small-scale organic agriculture, and everything related to seeds (preservation, breeding, production, their inherent magical amazingness, etc.). Everyone here, no matter their position, has the opportunity to dip into the growing process in one way or another.

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