Pack Art 2011: Gallery Show and Holiday Gift Sale November 6th

by Ken Greene

Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art

Saturday, November 6th, 6-8pm

The show will be up at KMoCA through November 27th. Stop in! Right now this is the only place to see and buy limited edition giclee prints of the artwork.

pack-art-show-poster-2011Gardeners may think there is nothing green to do in the winter, but winter is when we release our new Art Packs. Pack Art 2011 is a winter garden of art that will get seedy people dreaming about next season. Dreaming is an essential part of gardening in the Northeast. Our dreams are where we hold the flavors, smells, and beauty of our garden bounty during the bleak winter.

This year’s artists were selected from a pool of over 70 submissions. They come from all over the Hudson Valley and New York City. Each artist interpreted one variety of herb, flower, or vegetable from the Seed Library's catalog. Mediums include collage, encaustics, oil, watercolor, digital, paper cutting, and ink. Artist range from up-and-coming to world renowned. The diversity of the artwork reflects the many stories behind each variety and the genetic wonder that makes each plant unique.

Signed, limited edition giclee prints of the original artworks will be for sale during the opening along with Art Packs filled with seeds and framed seed packs.

2011 Pack Artists: Links to more information about each artist can be found in the description of each variety in our Holiday Catalog.

Allyson Levy: Tatsoi
Allyson's eleven-acre botanic home garden serves as inspiration, and materials, for her encaustic works. This piece encases Tatsoi leaves, flowers, and seeds between layers of wax.

Andrea Stranger: Green Zebra Tomato
As a graphic designer, Andrea focuses on issues of sustainability and strives to inspire people to eat seasonally and locally. Her zebra seems to have taken this message to heart.

Ayumi Horie: Bloomsdale Spinach
Ayumi Horie learned to love working with her hands early on as her Japanese family fished, gardened, and cooked. Her pots are illustrated with inspiration from Japanese folk traditions, comics, and historical illustrations.

Barbara Bash: Provider Green Bean
Barbara is a calligrapher, illustrator, author and performance artist who believes that each brush stroke is an expression of the moment, mind joining with space, grounded by ink and paper.

Christy Rupp: Flowers for Good Bugs
Christy is an ecoartist and activist who works in many mediums including collage. Her art investigates natural resources - who owns them, who gets to use them, and who is left out.

Daupo (David Clayton James Gassaway): Benning’s Patty Pan Squash
In addition to being an active artist and illustrator, Daupo is an avid gardener and vermicomposter. His ink and watercolor illustrations range from the whimsical to the dark, and can be full of surprises.

David Berube: Muncher Cucumber
David is a prolific printmaker. This hand-colored linocut print is in the style of his Berube-bug prints which have travelled the globe as part of the Mail Art movement.

Diane Adzema: Cleome
Diane’s many layered paintings of oil, wax, and glazes are meant to illuminate the beauty and magic of nature. Her art focuses on the need for harmony with the natural world.

Giselle Potter: Tom Thumb Tomato
Giselle’s work, which can be seen in children’s books, galleries, magazines and more, is inspired in part by the years when she travelled with her parents’ puppet theater, The Mystic Paper Beasts.

Jenny Lee Fowler: Ragged Jack Kale
Jenny's paper cuttings brim with vignettes from forest and field. Her hand-rendered silhouettes underscore the relationships between people and our natural world.

Lisa Perrin: Velvet Queen Sunflower
Lisa is a recent college graduate and illustrator. Her botanical Elizabethan monarch, like many of her portraits, mixes familiar elements from the canon of classical art unexpected details.

Lynne Friedman: Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
Lynne is an expressionist painter practicing plein air painting in the Hudson Valley and abroad. Her botanical subjects capture the personalities of plants on paper.

Martha Lewis: Kaleidoscope Carrot
Martha's Lewis’s, drawings, and paintings evoke the intersection between the organic and the constructed. This watercolor reflects her interests in spiritual diagrams, pie charts, biology, and games.

Sarah Snow: State Fair Zinnia
Sarah is an artist and green packaging designer. Three years ago she created the folding flower shape of our Art Packs. Her collage for this pack uses vintage papers.

Sheryl Humphrey: Rainbow Chard
Sheryl’s paintings are inspired by herbalism, alchemy, folklore, mythology, and her garden. She thinks of this Rainbow Chard— and all of her Sisterhood of Flora series— as portraits of the spirits of nature.

Yann Mabille: Ultimate Salad Bowl
After studying traditional illustration, Yann ended up hooked by the world of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). For Ultimate Salad Bowl (USB), he combined his skills and used both artistic mediums.