Seed Return Instructions for Members

by Ken Greene

Seed savers! It's time to get seedy!

Toma-toes Toma-toes: This green hearted tomato is an Aunt Ruby's German Green. The toes belong to Ken.

The soil is turning colder; the winds are growing stronger; the days are growing shorter--fall is here. Along with all your regular storage crops, perhaps you've made room in your cool pantry for a fresh crop of seeds this year. If so, we invite you to participate in our annual seed return in order to earn credits toward your 2011 Seed Library membership.

For each variety you successfully save and return to the Seed Library (up to five varieties), you receive a $2 credit towards your 2011 membership. In order to keep track of seeds from members and be able to distribute them to other members, we've set up some guidelines (see below).

Please fill out a slip for each variety, and attach it securely to the outside of each envelope that contains returned seeds. Send packed seeds along with completed forms to:
Hudson Valley Seed Library
484 Mettacahonts Rd.
Accord, NY  12404


1. Only return seeds harvested from plants you grew in your garden. We can't take  leftover seeds that you did not plant; save those for our annual spring open house and seed swap.

2. Return seeds that were originally from the Seed Library. By focusing on distributing and collecting seeds from certain varieties, we have enough seeds to redistribute. If you have seeds you would like to donate that did not originally come from our catalog, please contact us separately to discuss your donation.

3. Use our Seed Return Form for each variety. This year, members can return up to five varieties for seed credits.

4. Return as many seeds as you can. The goal is to save more seeds than came in your original seed pack. This increases the number of local seeds and gets even more regionally adapted seeds into the dirty hands of caring gardeners.

5. Send clean seeds. This means do your best to send us just the seeds minus chaff, weed seeds, or other debris. Also, make sure your seeds are dry before mailing them.

6. Return seeds by January 31st, 2011, in order to get credit toward your 2011 membership. Please allow us two weeks to process your seed and get your credit entered into the website.

6. If there are any problems with your seed return or any reason we can't give you your seed credits, we'll let you know. Otherwise, when you login to buy your 2011 Seed Library membership after January 1st you will automatically get your credits when you check out. This year we are able to give $2 of credit for each variety returned according to the above guidelines.

Thank you for being part of the seed revival!

Ken and Doug