Seeds for the Holidays

by Doug Muller

2014 Art Pack Collection 2014 Art Pack Collection

While pushing our Art Packs around the region this fall, we've encountered a few incredulous responses. "Seeds in November?" ask the naysayers. "No one will buy them!"

The response is certainly understandable. We have now officially entered the no-man's land of the gardener's annual calendar. From October until early February, there are very few seeds that can be sown successfully in northern climates (spinach and other hardy greens are the exception--but even then, they won't do much growing at all until late winter).

However, we think that our Art Packs make terrific holiday gifts. Here's why:

Our Art Packs...

  1. ... are hopeful. They suggest possibilities: good health, fresh eating, self-sufficiency, and the renewal of the senses that comes from working in the garden.
  2. ... last. Each Art Pack is packed fresh for Spring 2014, is recently germination tested, and contains enough seed to last the average backyard gardener several seasons. As your friend or loved one digs through the seed bin in future seasons, he or she will find the seeds you gave and think of you and the lovely gift.
  3. ... are beautiful. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but they're really pretty! And who doesn't like receiving a beautiful item as a gift?
  4. ... are little, neat, and easy to transport. They slip easily into envelopes, travel well, and make great stocking stuffers or small "gesture" gifts.
  5. ... are useful. Unlike so many items in the garden gift universe, our seeds are entirely useful. You can't grow a garden without seeds--and our tasty, beautiful heirloom varieties are sure to please.
  6. ... are affordable. The art and the packaging and the seeds combine to deliver a lot of bang for the buck.
  7. ... keep heirloom and open-pollinated seeds alive. By dressing them up in fancy packaging, we hope to encourage a celebratory feeling around these old varieties and help gardeners give them a try.
  8. ... look great together. That's why we offer various gift basket options, such as All Seasons Salad Greens, Culinary and Healing Herbs, Flowerworks, and more. You can even make your own!
  9. ... perk up spirits during the darkest weeks of the year. The best remedy for the winter blues is a colorful reminder of the upcoming garden season!
  10. ... support the work of the Hudson Valley Seed Library. The Seed Library's mission is to encourage and develop a network of regional seed savers and seed-producing farms throughout the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. It's not the most profitable work in the world, which is why so many small seed companies have folded so quickly when Monsanto et al. have approached with cash in hand. Sales of Art Packs give us the funding to help re-build regional seed production. If you agree that this is an important effort, we invite you to buy a few Art Packs and spread the word to your gift recipients.