Seedy Quote of the Day: Henri Frederic Amiel

by Tusha Yakovleva


Growing a plant from seed to seed is simple: all you have to do is follow instructions on the seed envelope, provide water, sun, and soil, sit back, and watch the fruits of your labor ripen. This is all true, until you add nature: rain will come when your plants most want sun (and the forecast doesn't show a single cloud) and will stay away when your plants are at their thirstiest. Things can and will go wrong and that's okay. Many other things will go right and either way, we will deepen our intimacy with the land, soil, a warm windowsill.  Growing one's own food, one's own seeds, asks for many qualities from a gardener: brains, bones, maybe a tear or two. It's nice to be reminded that out there with soil on our knees, we can learn to transform with the weather, learn uncertainty, satisfaction, and at the end - have a great meal, even if it is from ingredients we had no idea could fit together on one plate.

Henri Frederick Amiel was a Swiss professor of aesthetics in the 19th century. He was also - most probably - a gardener.