Seedy Sayings Contest

by Ken Greene

Time for the October Caption Contest!

The first of each month we post a vintage image on our blog. Come up with the best caption and win a prize.

To enter the Seedy Sayings contest, just submit a comment to this blog post with your kernel of wit or wisdom. On October 30th we’ll post the winning seedy saying! This month’s winner gets a free Gift Membership and a frame-able print of the vintage image with their caption.

This image comes from the Seed Library's archives of antique seed company trading cards. The image of the two radishes was created in 1885 for Rice's Seeds of Cambridge, NY.


Your caption here! Your caption here!

Each participant may submit only one caption. The Hudson Valley Seed Library may moderate or choose not to post any captions/comments submitted. In the case of multiple entries with the same or similar words, only the first instance will be accepted and displayed. If your caption is not displayed, it's probably because someone beat you to it.