Seedy Sayings Contest Winner(s)

by Ken Greene

Doug was up all night, tossing and turning in bed, in the angsty throes of his weighty literary decision.

In the end, although perhaps not the seediest of captions, (yes some of the entries were unpublishable on our innocent blog), Doug went for a pithy, picture appropriate, double entendre, garden-related kernel of wit. Don't devolve into the pits of despair if you were not chosen; we want to thank you for entering with a little gift, so read on fearlessly!

The winner is Ed Kosakowsky with...


All this work, just to plant a P.


Ed wins a Blightee and a print of the 1881 vintage image with his caption. Go Ed!

For those of you who took the time to enter, you get a big discount on buying a Blightee. You can buy our spore-t shirt for just $12 (as many as you want until they sell out).

(Here's how to do it. Just place the shirt size of your choice in the cart. When you check out, put Seedy Sayings and your name in the message box when you go to pay. As long as your email, name, and the name on your blog comment match up, we'll send you an electronic refund.)