Snow Day Delays...

by Doug Muller

Greetings on this cold and wet and dreary day. Today was to have been our first day of the spring 2011 season for shipping all items from our full catalog, including the Library and Garden Packs. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, we called a Snow Day so that our seasonal help wouldn't have to drive in the miserable road conditions this morning. So, no orders will be going out today; shipping will begin tomorrow, and it will likely take a full week to get through all orders that have come in so far.

Keep your eyes on your mailbox. If your early January order hasn't arrived by January 31st, please contact us. But please do give us until then. It's still too early to start almost any of the seeds we sell (in our northeast climate, anyway), so no worries: you've still got plenty of time to enjoy winter's rest.

After this week of catch-up, most orders will ship within 48-72 hours of receipt. Thanks!