The Best of Our Blog: 2015

by Erin Enouen

Make Peppers Pop and Eggplants Emerge! Learn how with this helpful post from Doug.

Make Peppers Pop and Eggplants Emerge! Learn how with this helpful post from Doug.

Our most popular posts and how to advice that we published last year. From season extension with cold hardy varieties to preparing a seed order to cover cropping your garden in the fall, this collection of posts will get you prepared for the entire 2016 garden season.


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1. Fall Cover Crop Chart: All you need to know about planning for fall cover crops, at one easy glance!

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2. Planning for Pollinators: 20 Variety Recommendations: Let there be flowers! As proven by the seed farm, you need not simply limit yourself to traditional flowers when creating a pollinator habitat. Many herbs and vegetables are attractive to many pollinator species as well. Our helpful post covers all categories.


3. Sow Now What in March: In March, most gardeners are ready to get started, but most Northeast gardens are not ready to be worked! Find out how we strike a balance with this popular March to-do list.


4. Mapping the Garden and Choosing Seed Amounts: Get the most out of your seed order when you pair it with a good garden plan!


5. Make Way for Healing: 8 great medicinal herbs Spending a good amount of time outdoors, in the dirt, with a healthy amount of sunshine can be a healing and transformative experience. But it doesn't end with the work itself. Often our farm work chatter turns to the healing properties of the plants themselves, especially those we turn to to calm our nerves, relieve stomach upset, boost our immune systems, and promote wellness.


6. Best Roots for Fall: If you grow Watermelon Radishes in the spring, you will probably be sorely disappointed, but if you seed them for fall harvest, you will be thrilled! Learn more helpful tips from our post about fall roots.

Make Peppers Pop and Eggplants Emerge! Learn how with this helpful post from Doug.

7. Making Peppers Pop and Eggplants Emerge : Growing peppers and eggplants is similar to growing tomatoes, but just a teeny bit trickier. In this post, Doug focuses on how to get them going with some seasoned sage wisdom.

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8. 10 Flowers You Should Cut: We love flowers at this Hudson valley Seed Library! Check out our favorites for garden to vase growing from 2015, and look forward to more great varieties to come in 2016!

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9. Starting Perennial Herbs and Flowers from Seed : We think of starting perennials from seed as "Intermediate to Advanced Level" seed starting, simply because they take more time to germinate, and more time equals more care. The pay off is aweseome though, perennials come back year after year! Arm yourself with the tool of knowledge and face the task of growing your own from seed confidently with these great bits of advice.


10. Extend the Season with Cold Hardy Crops : If you long to get started working and harvesting from your garden each spring, take note of these cold hardy varieties that can be started as soon as the soil can be worked, and sometimes even sooner!