Staff Picks

It's no seedy secret: even we have our favorites. These are some of the products we hold close to our hearts. Shop our staff picks to find your new fave!

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A Way to Garden

A Hands-on Primer for Every Season


Blazing Star

Showy spikes of bright magenta blooms bring in the pollinators.

from $3.35

Dark Star Zucchini

Certified Organic

Slender, ribbed, uniform zucchini.

from $3.35

Deadheads Mini-Snips

Cute mini snips specifically designed for deadheading.

from $7.95


Certified Organic

A stately plant with drooping purple petals.

from $3.35

Evergreen Scallion

A scallion patch is easy to grow and useful nearly all year round.

from $3.85

Garden Guardians Note Card Collection

8 note card collection featuring 4 animal art pack designs.


German Thyme

The thyme is right: evergreen, aromatic and easy to grow!


Gift Zinnia

Certified Organic

These striking red blooms make perfect presents.

from $3.85

Holiday Note Card Collection

Send holiday cheer with these festive favorites.


Hori Hori Garden Knife

The ultimate all-purpose garden tool.


Hudson Valley Seed Co Tee-Shirt

Our new Zen Garden Tee Shirt.

from $22.00

Kars Egg Squash

The cutest squash from the Kars region of Northern Turkey.

from $4.05

Matchbox Pepper

Certified Organic

Tiny, spicy peppers are beautiful on the bush and dried.

from $3.85

Ninja Claw

A high quality, Japanese "mini rake" for smaller spaces and detailed work.


Northern Lights Linaria

Darling sprays of pastel flowers. Space close for an aura of colors.


Semillas Para Todos - Spanish Seed Saving Manual

Written by Somos Semilla and Sustainable Harvest International


Silverleaf Sunflower

Certified Organic

Fantastic and dramatic flowers with highly contrasting silver foliage and golden blooms.

from $3.85

Spotted Trout Lettuce

Certified Organic

Tender, attractive romaine.

from $3.85

Light in the Garden Note Card Collection

Hot off the press! New artworks from our 2021 collection!


The Organic Seed Grower

A Farmer's Guide to Vegetable Seed Production.


Torch Tithonia Fine Art Print

Artwork by Mary O'Malley.



Fragrant white blooms are best enjoyed at dusk.


Wild Arugula

Certified Organic

Smaller, punchier, and hardier than standard arugula.

from $3.85