Sugar Magnolia Snap Pea

Pisum sativum

Beautiful, unusual snap pea, with good, sweet flavor

Oregon farmer and free thinker Alan Kapuler, aka Mushroom, has been growing, saving, and breeding new open-pollinated plants through Peace Seeds for decades. His varieties, like the twisting, outstretched hyper-tendrils of this purple sugar snap pea, have become intertwined with multiple generations of his family tree: his children are also seeds people. Combined with the delicious and abundant shoots and tendrils, which are also edible, these snappy purple pods are everything you need for a salad or sauté.

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Direct sow as soon as the soil can be worked until last frost date. Peas thrive in cool weather, so do not delay planting them. Trellis for best yields and healthiest plants. Frequent and steady harvests of the plump, deep purple pods will help plants to continue to produce. 

Days to Germination 7-10 days
Days to Maturity 70 days
Planting Depth 1"
Spacing in Row 3"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 60"
Width at Maturity 10"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Artwork by Heather Renaux. Heather interviewed Alan Kapuler before crafting this acrylic-on-board custom family tree, which weaves together the story of this variety with that of his own family. Each branch carries elements that are significant to his work and life.

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