Summer Sunrise Tomato

Organic Summer Sunrise Tomato Seeds

Pale yellow with pink starburst

Solanum lycopersicum
Dwarf habit potato leaf variety produces tasty beefsteaks.
Each plant yields a nice quantity of medium-sized pale yellow fruits with a pink starburst. Flavor is incredible: tart, sweet, and full. Great in smaller spaces, such as container or roof-top gardens.
Product ID# TO0338 , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC , Grown in the Northeast

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Detailed Product Info

This variety was a gift from Seed Savers Exchange member Bill Minkey in 2013 out of a desire to see it in wider circulation, and we whole-heartily agree. This potato-leaf dwarf variety yields big quantities of medium-sized pale yellow fruits with a pink star-burst. The excitement doesn't stop there though-the flavor is incredible, tart, sweet, and full. We love what this variety can offer to those with limited growing space! When planted in ground, plants can reach 4' high; in containers about 42". Some staking recommended since the plants get so heavily loaded with fruits. For best production in containers, transplant 1 plant per 5 gallon container in fresh, nutrient-rich soil. A product of the collaborative Dwarf Tomato Project, which aims to breed great tasting, interesting, open-pollinated dwarf varieties.

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 3 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 65 days from transplant
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row 18 inches
Spacing Between Rows 42 inches
Height at Maturity 36 to 48 inches
Width at Maturity 18-24 inches
Growing Instructions

Dwarf habit. Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before planting date, which is ideally at your last spring frost date or up to 3 weeks later. For best germination, keep at a constant 80 degrees during germination period. Keep in full sun after germination, and make sure sure not to over water. AS seedlings grow, be sure they have plenty of room for their roots. Transplant after all threat of frost has passed, when seedlings are no smaller than 5 inches high. Transplant into containers-1 plant per 5 gallon pot-or directly in the ground, about 18" apart. Water at the roots to prevent fungal spreading on the leaves. Provide light staking to help support plants at fruit set. To help further prevent fungal disease, mulch with clean straw when plants are 12" high.