Calico Popcorn Fine Art Print

Painting and collage by Jacinta Bunnell.
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About the Artist: Jacinta Bunnell is an artist, teacher, painter, video maker, art director and coloring book maker. Her art is constructed primarily from recycled materials. She has a stash of patterned and quirky paper which she has been collecting since childhood. Among the multifarious pieces are torn wrappings from Groundhog Day celebrations, colored engravings from encyclopedias for babies, pictures of toads and concerned citizen fliers. Jacinta’s work has been shown at The Horticultural Society of New York, Allegheny College, Huguenot Street Farm, KMOCA, Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, SUNY Ulster, A+D Gallery at Columbia College Chicago, TeamLove Ravenhouse Gallery, Rosendale Cafe and Roos Arts. She has artistically collaborated with The Woodstock Film Festival, Ken Greene, Elizabeth Mitchell, Neko Case, Irit Reinheimer and Cindy Hoose. Jacinta has toured the U.S. and Canada with The Gadabout Film Fest, Neko Case, Eric Ayotte, DavEnd, Anne Elizabeth Moore and Julie Novak. She is the author of three coloring books about gender fabulousity and is a co-founder of Hudson Valley BRAWL (Broads' Regional Arm Wrestling League). Jacinta has been a pinch hitter for the Hudson Valley Seed Library when they needed nimble fingers to hand-pack these precious seeds. All three of her parents are avid gardeners and farmers. She grew up eating baby corn and green beans right off the plants in her backyard. Jacinta lives in a 200-year old farmhouse in Stone Ridge, NY with Michael Truckpile, some coyotes, rabbits, wood piles, and rhododendron bushes. She saves the seeds from her zinnia plants every year.

The paper dimensions of this print are 11x14. We print all of our pieces on archival fine art papers using archival inks to ensure they will last as contemporary heirloom art. We recommend making sure there is space between the glass and print. You can do this by matting the print or you can skip the mat and have a spacer put in the frame.

Prints are shipped via Priority Mail in a poster tube.

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