Echinacea Art pack

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  • Good for bees and people.
  • Echinacea Quatrefoil
  • Perennial clusters.

Echinacea Seeds

Echinacea purpurea
Hedgehogs, pollinators, and immune boosters
Art Pack, 50 seeds
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Sometimes Latin can be misleading. Echinos, tha greek word from which Echinacea is derived, means hedgehog or sea urchin. While this descriptor helps paint a picture of the bristly head of this coneflower, it does little to place the plant in space and time. This variety is native to eastern America, noticeably devoid of the aforementioned exotic fauna. The medicinal properties of this perennial native have been know and used for centuries. Although its popularity as a medicinal herb has gone in and out of fashion over the last 10 years, it continues to be widely used as a well researched all purpose immune booster. Echinacea's distinct purple hue and drooping petals have made it a well loved ornamental with the bonus of attracting and feeding important native pollinators. Regardless of the mildly misguided latin allusions, this plant will be at home in your garden for years to come.

Quick Facts
Days to Maturity 110
Planting Depth ½"
Spacing in Row 24"
Spacing Between Rows 24"
Growing Instructions

Perennial. Start very early in a protected spot that experiences some cold. Or, winter sow the seeds in December and then thin to 24" spacing in the spring when the seedlings are 3" high. Plants reach 3-4' high at maturity. Tolerates drought conditions. Grow in full sun or partial shade. Can be propagated by root cuttings and shared with neighbors.

About the Art and Artist
Gabe Brown tends her garden with a lime green thumb. Recognizing dualities that exist in the natural world and the man-made, she creates an inner landscape of the human condition; narrative vignettes that are both alluring and mysterious.