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Flowerworks Gift Basket (In Fiber Seed Starting Tray)

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  • Fiber seed starting trays.

Flowerworks Gift Basket (In Fiber Seed Starting Tray)

A spectacular show of bursting blooms all season long.
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Flowers are like fireworks in your garden. Some bloom long, some have loud colors, some surprise you, and others burst with color and fade slowly in the evening light. We created this year's Flowerwork's assortment to focus on beneficial, easy to grow varieties. Many are wildflowers, a few are perennials, some medicinal, and all are beautiful! This gift basket contains 12 of our flower filled Art Packs: Bachelor Button Polka Dot Mix, Borage, Breadseed Poppy Mix, Gift Zinnia, Glorious Gleam Nasturtium, Good Bug Blooms, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Lacy Phacelia, Moonflower, Northern Lights Linaria, Spider Flower, & Velvet Queen Sunflower.

Gift Basket: Fiber seed starting tray.

All of our gift baskets are wrapped in vegetable based compostable clear wrap padded with recycled stuffing and tied with natural ribbon.