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Organic Mache Seeds

Rosetting, spoon-like leaves

Valerianella locusta
A strong contender to be the cutest green you grow.
Mache (pronounced "mosh") will flourish by itself. Give it some room to grow and you're good to go. Great eaten raw in salads with lots of flavorful add-ins.
Product ID# GR0164 , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC , Grown in the Northeast

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Quick Facts
Days to Germination 10 to 14 days
Days to Maturity 55 days
Planting Depth ¼ inch
Spacing in Row 1 inch
Spacing Between Rows 8 to 12 inches
Height at Maturity 3 inches
Detailed Product Info

Mache (pronounced "mosh") goes by some cute nicknames because of its unique shape--"lamb's lettuce," "corn salad," or the not-as-cute "field salad"--rosetting, spoon-like leaves that emerge from a central stalk. It can be pricey at the supermarket (if you're lucky enough to spot it), but growing your own is simple. A superb overwinterer, Mache will basically flourish by itself; just give it some room to grow, and you're good to go (and do multiple sowings to ensure a lasting harvest.) Great eaten raw in salads with lots of flavorful add-ins.

Growing Instructions

Sow in successions in early fall for fall and winter harvest, or start early spring under protection. Allow 6" per plant. Thrives in cooler temperatures with ample water and sunlight. Does well in a greenhouse in the winter as well.

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