Aji Cristal

Aji Cristal Seeds

Bright, citrusy heat

Capsicum baccatum
Little peppers perfect for pickling pack warm heat
Little peppers perfect for pickling pack warm heat
Product ID# PP0571 , Grown in the Northeast

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Detailed Product Info

A celebrated pepper in Chile (where it is simply called Aji Verde), where Chef Sisha Ortuzar grew up with it before bringing it to the United States. A medium-hot pepper with a bright, citrusy flavor profile that is great for pickling and hot sauces. Large plants bear dozens and dozens of fruit. Aji Cristal is traditionally picked when yellow in color, but will ripen to a sweet, full red. Our seed partner, Zach Pickens, of Farm Tournant in the Hudson Valley region, introduced us to this variety grows this variety specifically for the chefs he works with, and produces the seed for us.