Purple Vienna Kohlrabi

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  • Art Pack by Edward Coppola.
  • Growing in the field.
  • Almost ready to harvest.
  • The original collage / painting for the pack.
  • "Kohraboy" has become the poster child for our Seeder's Digest blog.

Organic Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Seeds

Brassica oleracea
Out of this world in looks and taste. Any way you dice it, it's delicious.
Art Pack, 100 seeds
Product ID# KO0203A , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

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Quick Facts
Days to Germination 10 to 14 days
Days to Maturity 60
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row 12 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 to 18 inches
Height at Maturity 12 to 18 inches
Width at Maturity 4 inches
Detailed Product Info

Raw, cooked, diced, fried, stewed, julienned, fresh from the garden, or stored for winter, this inter-planetary looking cole crop should be a more familiar sight in American gardens (not just in Roswell). This variety has a lovely purple hued skin and light green interior, giving it the luminescence of a flying saucer.

No, Kohlrabi does not actually come from outer space. It comes from Europe, as do most members of the cabbage family. Rarely tasted by most Americans, its popularity has been quite steady on the other side of the pond since the 15th Century. And, it's easy to see why: the flesh is crisp and refreshing and redolent of sweet cabbage, and when chopped and roasted it softens, like an apple, with a flavor and texture that is out of this world. Seeing (and tasting) is believing.

Growing Instructions

Direct sow 3 weeks before last frost, or start indoors 6 weeks before frost and then transplant 3-4 weeks later. Purple Vienna Kohlrabi appreciates fertile soil with steady moisture. Best harvested when bulbs are about 3" in diameter; save young leaves for raw eating or steaming. This variety is not a giant type; must be harvested at no larger than 4" diameter to avoid woody flesh.

About the Art and Artist

Artwork by Edward Coppola.Edward Coppola is an artist in Staten Island, NY. He works in mixed media, including collage, diorama sculpture, and photography. He is an adjunct professor and chief college laboratory technician in photography at Brooklyn College/ City University of New York. He received his MFA from Brooklyn College in 1998. His most recent solo exhibitions were at the New York Open Center; the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn; and University College Art Gallery, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ. His work has been included in many group shows in New York and around the U.S.

From the Artist: "My collages incorporate found images and small natural objects such as seeds into carefully painted depictions of the connections between inner and outer universes. The layering of paper, paint, and mixed media serves as a metaphor for the layers and veils of memory and consciousness. Often there are references to macrocosm and microcosm, to outer space and the inner space of the human body and mind, to mundane everyday existence and the timelessness of the universal. I try to find beauty and humor in my visual interpretations of the unity of the physical, spiritual, and metaphysical realms. My many influences include Expressionist, Symbolist, and Visionary painters; early science fiction movies; fairy tales; vintage children’s book illustrations; the displays at the American Museum of Natural History; and the homemade grottoes for religious statues that I saw in my Brooklyn neighborhood as a child. In my work, I try to recapture the thrill and sense of wonder that these influences evoked in me."

Medium: Collage, gouache, and kohlrabi seeds on paper