Organic Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Seeds

Big, round squash

Curcurbita moschata
The color and shape of a wheel of cheese.
Revered for centuries for its smooth flesh and stringless interior. One of the oldest squashes domesticated for food. Use in autumn sweets and kiss the canned stuff goodbye!
Product ID# WI0359 , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC , Grown in the Northeast

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Detailed Product Info

Linked to cheese through appearance only, the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin has been revered for centuries thanks to its smooth flesh and string-less interior (not to mention the high nutrient content). It's one of the oldest squashes domesticated for food, which we think speaks well for its taste and grow-ability. Choose this cheese-wheel-like squash for your autumn sweets and buck the canned stuff once and for all!

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 5 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 100 days
Planting Depth 1 inch
Spacing in Row 24 inches
Spacing Between Rows 72 inches
Height at Maturity 24 inches
Growing Instructions

Direct sow after frost, or start under protection up to 3 weeks before (but no earlier--Long Island Cheese Pumpkins grow very quickly at this stage). Plant in well-fertilized hills of 4-8 seeds with hills spaced 3 feet apart. Thin to three plants per hill. Harvest when color is well developed and rind is hard. Cure for a week in sun and fresh air, but protect from frost. Cured squash will store all winter.

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