Bestseller Shipper (includes seeds)

108 best-selling Art Packs in a ready-to-ship display.

The Bestseller Shipper is a selection of 9 best-selling Art Pack varieties (108 packs total) that ship in a ready-to-go cardboard display unit that can easily be set up on store counters. Measuring 12.75” by 22” by 10”, the display takes up minimal space and can be recycled at the end of the season. The Shipper contents vary slightly depending on available stock of each item, but the contents are always selected from our list of top-selling varieties—varieties that we know sell well throughout the whole seed-selling season.

The Bestseller Shipper is designated strictly for resale, so there is no sales tax on this item. New York State retailers, please e-mail a copy of your resale certificate at the time of purchase to

Bestseller Shipper FAQs

How do I put the shipper together?

The shipper comes mostly assembled and pre-filled with seeds. Watch the video via the "Read More" link above to see how simple it is to set up. Instructions also come inside each shipper.

How do I restock the shipper?

The shipper can be restocked in one of two ways. The first way gives you the lowest cost of goods: order one of our shipper restock kits, and we'll ship out another 78 seed packs for you—that's a full replenishment of your whole display—at a cost of $1.85 per pack, or $144.30 for the whole order. The second way gives you more control: order individual varieties in multiples of five (as per our regular wholesale program), with a minimum order of $100, at $1.95 per pack. (Or lower if you reach volume discounts of 200+ or 450+ packs per order, at which point the packs cost $1.90 and $1.85 respectively.)

How many seasons will the shipper last?

The shipper is designed to last 1-2 seasons. Because it is cardboard, it will become a bit weathered after that point. We advise customers to recycle the unit at the end of the seed-selling season and get a fresh one next year--this allows you not to have to worry about storage conditions of your shipper during the off season. But the choice is yours!

If the seeds sell well at my store, what are my options for upgrading?

We offer countertop and floor displays made of attractive wood, and we are hoping to have a larger-scale cardboard display available soon. Please contact us at or give us a call at 845-204-8769 and we'll happily assist you in scaling up your offerings.

If the seeds do not do well, can I return them?

For our larger rack programs, we offer a buyback program of up to 15% of your total order for the year. However, for customers purchasing only the Bestseller Shipper, the sale is final. Please let us know if you need help moving the packs, and we will do our best to provide merchandising guidance. Most accounts move the varieties in the Bestseller Shipper with no problem at all.

Do the seed packs come with barcodes?

Yep! UPC barcodes are part of the descriptive closure sticker on the back of each pack. A sheet with the barcode number, SKU number in our system, and name comes inside each shipper.

Do you offer Net 30 Terms for the Bestseller Shipper?

Because the Bestseller Shipper is a relatively low-volume wholesale order, we ask customers who purchase only the Bestseller Shipper to pay by credit card. We are happy to offer Net 30 terms to customers who transition to our larger wholesale program.

What should I know about the seeds to help customers with their purchase?

  • Each pack is designed by a different artist. Hudson Valley Seed Co. does a call for artists every year to find new talent.

  • The stickers on the backs of the packs can be removed without damaging the art. Just unfurl slowly and carefully, and voila--a mini work of art for your fridge or garden shed!

  • All the seed in the Bestseller Shipper is certified organically grown, is open-pollinated, and is non-GMO. Hudson Valley Seed Co. produces some of the seed on its own certified organic seed farm in upstate New York and sources the rest from responsible supplier partners.

  • Full planting instructions are inside each pack, including details like planting depth, plant spacing, sun preferences, etc.

Where do I turn for help with any questions or issues with my Bestseller Shipper?

For fastest service, give us a ring at 845-204-8769, or e-mail us at


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