Duborskian Rice

Oryza sativa

A rice variety adapted for dry land.

An upland heirloom short-grain variety of Russian origin. Compact plants look just like the rice plants you see in a paddy, minus the paddy! Benefits from steady water, but no flooding of fields is necessary. Processing rice for eating is laborious, but this makes a lovely decorative plant, too.

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Soak rice for 24 hours, then start inside in the late spring and transplant outside in late May. Plants are capable of withstanding a light frost, but best to plant after frost date. If grown for food, harvest in August and September once heads dry up, but before their seed drops. Cut stalks and hang upside down for a few weeks until completely dry. Then thresh by hitting with a stick over a tarp. Before eating, seeds will need to be de-hulled, which can be done by placing in a bag and smashing with a mallet. Alternatively, baking at 200 degrees F for an hour, then bag and hit with a mallet or rub between your hands. Remove the chaff to reveal your homegrown rice. 

Days to Germination 7-10
Days to Maturity 115 days
Planting Depth ½"
Spacing in Row 10-12"
Spacing Between Rows 48"
Height at Maturity 20-24"
Width at Maturity 10-12"
Sun Preference Full Sun

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